Seminar Pr. Venkatesh

27 June 2022 (2 pm online): Seminar Pr. Venkatesh (Virginia Tech)

We are honoured to have Dr. Viswanath Venkatesh as our guest speaker for our next SMART BIS/LITEM Seminar scheduled for 27th June 2022.

Dr. Viswanath is an Eminent Scholar and Verizon Chair of Business Information Technology at the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia TechHe is widely regarded as one of the most influential scholars in business. He is also involved with a number of organizations, advising them on their strategic directions. Please join us in listening to his advice on 'Building and Sustaining a research program'. The seminar will take place between 2pm to 3:30pm CET. The seminar is online, click on the link to join us

This seminar is structured in two parts. In the first hour, Dr. Viswanath will provide his advice and tools on how to build and sustain a research program. In the following half an hour, he will specifically touch upon the theme ‘Managing PhD programs’. This is specifically designed to provide guidance to young researchers and doctoral students. Doctoral supervisors may also find this session very useful from a mentoring perspective.  These sessions will be interactive in nature and there will be time for questions and answers. (You may pose any question related to how to conduct, write, review or collaborate on research projects)

We urge all participants to browse the book published by the speaker titled Road to Success: A Guide for Doctoral Students and Junior Faculty Members in the Behavioral and Social Sciences”. It has a compilation of best practices from several established researchers, including many from information systems disciples on various research-related topics. It is a pleasure to announce that this book which has been useful to many scholars since 2015 is now available as open access at For a nominal fee (to Amazon), you can get a printed paperback copy.

We hope to have great participation from both colleagues and doctoral students for this event!

Although it is an internal event, you may share it with your close collaborators but kindly ask external guests to RSVP at before 24th June 2022 for better management of the event.

Best regards

Anuragini Shirish

on behalf of SMART BIS Research team/LITEM


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