Scientific objectives:

The work of the LITEM members relates to each of these three themes. Our objective is to develop crosscutting work between researchers of this axis (e.g. digital technologies and responsibility). Interactions will also take place with subjects in the second theme (e.g. digital innovation, innovations and responsibility, etc.).

Research on digital issues currently focuses on information systems but also on the digital sector (software, data analytics, AI, …). LITEM members also work on digital business models, new digital means of financing (e.g. Initial Coin Offering), the behaviour of firms in the digital economy, the transformation of telecommunication equipment manufacturers into service companies, digital platforms, Mobility as a Service and the Internet of Things.

Praxis research is the practices of individuals (entrepreneurs, consumers, etc.) and the ways in which they are guided. It covers research dealing with “marketing and the connected consumers” (social networks, recommendation systems, online advertising via RTB - Real Time Bidding, chatbots, etc.), or the modelling of behaviour from increasingly massive data and artificial intelligence (chatbots or robots for customer relationship management, machine learning and deep learning in recommendation systems).

As for the research on responsibility, it addresses sustainable management by mobilizing ethics and aesthetics. They also question the interaction between the Researcher' sensitivity and that of the subject observed.

Members: Saïd Assar, Loréa Baïada-Hirèche, Christine Balagué, Marie Bia Figueiredo, Mélissa Boudes, Imed Boughzala, Philippe Castelnau, Olfa Chourabi, Nabyla Daidj, Isabelle Vandangeon-Derumez, Aurélie Dudezert, Ghislaine Garmilis, Cédric Gossart, Stéphanie Hérault, Philippe Jacquinot, Rémi Jardat Jerzy Kociatkiewicz, Daniel Lang, Hugo Letiche, Sondes Mbarek, Jean-Luc Moriceau, Müge Özman, Anuragini Shirish, Nicolas Soulié, Cynthia Srnec, Benoit Tezenas du Montcel, Nadia Toumi, Thierno Tounkara, Donia Trabelsi.