De 14:00 à 16:00

ETHOS Seminar

Nous aurons le plaisir d’écouter : Monika KOSTERA, Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw, Poland et professeure associée à Institut Mines-Télécom Business School

Organizational ethnography, or about studying culture as a process

Ethnography is a methodological and epistemological approach particularly well suited to the purpose of the study of cultures as processes. The word “ethnography” comes from the Greek ethnos, which signifies “a people” and graphy, which means “writing” -  ethnography  means writing  about  people  (Kostera  and  Harding,  2021).  The  methods  favoured  by  ethnographers aim at seeing, experiencing, and understanding human interactions and relationships. The task of the researcher is to interpret and make sense of the collected material, by connecting cues derived  from  the  field  to  frames  and  stories  that  serve  as  connecting  devices  (Weick,  1995). 

Ethnographers usually look for patterns, structures, and emerging categories. Art theorist and artist John Berger has explained that seeing is more than just taking in something by the sense of sight ; ‘seeing’ establishes our place in the world. We see and we are aware that we can be seen. The ethnographic method called ‘non-participant observation’ is about active looking and focusing  on  the  immediate  moment.  Interview  is  about  making  sense  in  and  with  the  field, getting an enactive grasp of the cultural dynamics. The observed is now set against its use in the everyday categories.


Monika Kostera is Titular Professor in economics and the humanities. 

She works as  Professor  in Sociology at  Warsaw  University, as  well as Professor in Management at  Institut Mines-Télécom Business  School, Université Paris-Saclay, France and Guest Professor in Management at Södertörn University, Sweden. She has also been employed as professor  and  chair  in  the  UK,  including  at  Durham  University.  She writes and publishes texts on organization theory as well as poetry. She is Associate Editor at Gender, Work and Organization and has been co-editing several journals including British Journal of Management. Her current research interests include organizational imagination, disalienated work and organizational ethnography. She is member of Erbacce Poets’ Cooperative. www.kostera.pl 

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