The Ethics, Technologies, Humans, Organizations, Society (ETHOS) research team of the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, member of the LITEM (Laboratory in Innovation, Technologies, Economy and Management)

The organising team

ETHOS has a team of Lecturers and Researchers from the LITEM, LASCO (IdeaLab of ITM), and from academic laboratories  such as LaTTiCe (UMR 8094, CNRS/ENS/University of Paris), LaTTiCe (UMR 8094, CNRS/ENS/Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) and the Centre Edgar Morin (IIAC, UMR 8177, CNRS / EHESS) work on the articulation of various approaches from the management sciences human and social sciences, political sciences and language sciences, in order to question the evolution of hypermodern organizations and societies through the many questions they raise from an ethical, social and human point of view.

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